Viva Technology : 15 quotes that marked the second day !

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Viva Technology : 15 quotes that marked the second day !

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Lookback on the second day of VivaTech 2021 ! A lot of insights, advice and feedback from the top leaders of the innovation ecosystem have punctuated this day. The HUB Institute offers you a selection of 15 quotes heard during the keynotes.

Economic Recovery & Digital Transformation 

Heini Zachariassen

"People realize how much easier it is to buy online. At some point delivery prices are going to go down and things are going to change.” ."

- Heini Zachariassen, Founder & CEO (Vivino) 

"We brought 2 major innovations to the market : allowing people to open an account in 5 mins and

Thomas Courtois

the operation of the account in real time. We opened 50% more accounts in the first 4 months of 2021 than last year for the same period."

- Thomas Courtois, CEO (Nickel)


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Raphael Vuillerme

"Insurance is a business model more than a product. We tried to recreate the traditional insurance model online. (...) The quality of the experience and the differentiation of the products you offer, is really the key” 

- Raphaël Vuillerme, Founder (LUKO)

Tech for environment

"Sustainability is currently the most strategic goal for humans. After 3 decades of engagement,

Sebastien Missoffe

starting with Google being the first company being low carbon, we want to be able to have our data centers powered exclusively by renewable energies by 2030"

- Sébastien Missoffe, Vice-Président & Managing director (Google)

Clothilde Debos

"Our new plan called Renaulution is all about : Resurrection, Renovation and Revolution. And Mobilize is part of the revolution by building the world of tomorrow. Mobilize is here to answer 3 issues : Mobility, Energy Services and Data Services.”

- Clotilde Delbos, CEO (Mobilize)


"We need more methodologies and more data to measure the impact of tech on carbon footprint. .”

Andres Sutt

[…] We need to benchmark the indicators to be put in place. From there we can get started with impact measurement."

- Andres Sutt, ministre de l'Entrepreneuriat et des Technologies de l'information (Gouvernement d'Estonie)

Tech for society

Montage women

"There are not enough women in cybersecurity : I hope this challenge will help foster big changes for future generations !”

- Clarisse Hagege, CEO (DFNS) & 2021 Winner of the Female Founder Challenge 

"Generation Z is going to be even more connected (...) After school you are in your room spending your

Sacha Lazimi

time online. That’s why people want a safe space, like in real life. We have the power to be even more secure online by monitoring. Being safe by design is really important and we see it in our engagement rates."

- Sacha Lazimi, Co-Founder & CEO (Yubo)

Ana Maiques

"If you wanna change what it is to be a human through the brain, you have to make it secure. My goal is to bring this tech to help the recovery of billions of people.”

- Ana Maiques, CEO (Neuroelectrics)

Future of Work

"Unconscious bias are very strong ; if you’re not aware of your biais you can not ”

Celine Vuillequez

achieve diversity in your recruitment."



- Céline Vuillequez, COO (Manomano)

Tech to Watch

Ken Hu

"After only 2 weeks, HarmonyOS is already used by 10 million people […] The software part is something that is becoming more and more important within our business portfolio. […] As consumers, we are surrounded by more and more connected objects and each of them has more and more applications. This multiplicity forces users to switch between devices on a regular basis, resulting in a fragmented user experience. If we manage to produce software capable of connecting all these devices in a single system, we will obtain an incredible tool, both for the user and for the developers."

- Ken Hu, Rotating Chairman (Huawei Technologies)

"I think cash will disappear, it’s just a matter of time. This whole economic crisis . a

Alexandre prot

led to cashless and contactless payments. It's a mix of tech, regulation, and consumer behavior. To me it’s rather a good thing and, mostly, safer"

- Alexandre Prot, CEO (Qonto)

Mark Zuckerberg

“Our mission at Facebook is to connect people. We need technology that makes us really feel right next to the person we are contacting, and that technology is AR / VR. It gives a real feeling of presence, different from a TV or telephone screen, to such an extent that some people may feel dizzy. AR / VR is going to be a computer revolution in the same sense as the PC and the smartphone.”

- Mark Zuckerberg, CEO (Facebook)

Scaling Up

"At Gaia we invest in tech companies at their growth stage, that are green ”

Alice Abazatti

100% a year, who have an impact. If we want to make change, making it at the investment stage makes the changes have a multiplier effect."

- Alice Albizzati, Partners (Gaia Capital)

Marguerite Berard

“Which european scale-up has the most potential ? I think what’s exciting here at VivaTech is that you have so many exciting ideas. I met women who design recycled packaging (...) I saw drones who could take us all over the city… I don’t know who has more potential but I do know we are surrounded by innovation and ideas.”

- Marguerite Bérard, Head of French Retail Banking (BNP Paribas)

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