The Swiss Membership, let's go!

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The Swiss Membership, let's go!

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Ten years after its creation and with 120 members per year, the HUB Institute continues its development. In collaboration with Cominmag, we are indeed very proud to announce the opening of the Swiss Membership: a member space where you can find a permanent worldwide benchmark, premium meetings and personalized services. Our goal? To provide decision makers with insights, trends and best practices.

Focus on Cominmag

Created in 2003, is a communication platform for marketing and media experts focused on the French-speaking part of Switzerland. Thanks to its local but also international content, the platform has been able to build its audience loyalty and renew itself as new communication channels emerge.

Since March 2020, Cominmag has launched a new format: the "Cominmag Live", a video interview available on YouTube but also in podcast. Also, through the "best of" awards, the Swiss platform rewards and valorizes the actors of communication or media.

Since February 2022, Cominmag represents the HUB Institute through its coordinators: Victoria Marchand, web editor of Cominmag and Thierry Weber CEO of the digital agency

For more information : look at the Swiss Membership page

The 6 advantages of Swiss membership

  1. Access to the member space
  2. 20 trend and expertise reports  
  3. Participation in 16 forums and HUBDAY in person or online
  4. Follow the 33 annual talks/masterclasses
  5. Exchange with all members of the HUB Institute community
  6. Access to all conferences and "Best of" awards

To go further : Discover Adeline Jouanne's interview, Membership Manager at the HUB Institute

We want to be part of our ecosystem ? Consult our dedicated page