Best of VivaTech Day 2: quotes, startups and pictures to remember

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Best of VivaTech Day 2: quotes, startups and pictures to remember

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As the second day of Viva Technology comes to an end, the HUB Institute shares with you 5 quotes to remember from this Thursday's conferences. Also make sure to watch the interviews of the most innovative startups we have met, and the best photos of the day.


Top 5 quotes of the day

Alexandre Stervinou, Deputy Head, Banque de France

We are exploring a Central Bank for Digital Currency, that aims to ensure financial stability in an uncertain and volatile market, through regulation and supervision. We are bringing the safe aspect of the traditional system to the digital world.Alexandre Stervinou, Deputy Director (Banque de France)

Alexandre Tourre, CEO, Easy Solar

Most of the people here grew up in a country where accessibility was never a question: you click on a button and you have light. We often tend to forget or ignore, for just below one billion people today it’s not a reality. Is energy access key to the energy transition? We have to solve this problem, it’s completely linked to this energy as they have to be part of this transition and go from no energy to green energy without passing by fossil energy.Alexandre Tourre, CEO (Easy Solar)

Changpeng Zhao CEO Binance

Previously there’s many things that governments did. We had slaves, and that was negative. Today, public services in the world have tax income because we need public services. But how much control governments should have on the economy? Should they have all this power by its currency? Nothing is completely stable. I think the view that everything should be controlled by the government is not the solution. We do need to test these limits and explore better solutions.Changpeng Zhao, CEO (Binance)

Diane Riviere Chief Culture Officier (Alan)

We want to kill unconscious bias. For example, the first step of our recruiting process is to ask a candidate to answer written questions – they’re the same for everyone. Instead of focusing on the background, we just give them a chance to pitch their vision of the health system, what impact they want to have, what they want to learn… And eventually you’re able to get a super diverse team. Diane RIVIERE, Chief Culture Officer (Alan)

A lot of firsts highlight the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic games. The Opening ceremony is within the city with a spectacular, popular and sustainable concept. The most iconic landmarks are to welcome the competitions. We are also partnering with EDF to operate with 100% renewable energy and reduce Carbon footprint by 50%.” Tony Estanguet, Président (Paris 2024)


Top startups of the day

On this second day at Vivatech, HUB Institute's experts went to meet the most innovative startups, and interview them on video. Here are the startups to remember for this Thursday. They are sorted according to the Vivatech main theme they relate to. You can click on the link associated with each startup to discover their vidéo interview.

Tech for Environment 

B'ZEOS is a green technology company that develops biobased packaging solutions.

> Watch our interview with B'ZEOS at Vivatech

Kumulus is a water technology startup that provides drinking water in an economical and sustainable way.

> Watch our interview with Kumulus at Vivatech

Tech for Society

Enerbrain uses IoT and AI to help companies manage their energy consumption and reduce their carbon emissions in a smart way.

> Watch our interview with Enerbrain at Vivatech

Novadiscovery is a health technology company that uses clinical trial simulation technology to predict drug efficacy and optimize clinical trial development.

> Watch our interview with Novadiscovery at Vivatech

Tech to Watch

Authena is a plug & play solution for labeling, tracking and authenticating unique products using IoT and blockchain.

> Watch our interview with Authena at Vivatech

Sirius Space Services is developing a range of small sustainable launch vehicles, 100% reusable in the long term, dedicated to the launch of small satellites weighing up to 800 kg onto a SSO orbit of 700 km.

> Watch our interview with Sirius Space Services at Vivatech

Everledger is a digital transparency company, providing technology solutions to increase transparency in global supply chains. 

> Watch our interview with Everledger at Vivatech

Finance bank & insurance 

Agicap is a SaaS solution designed to help small and medium-sized businesses manage and forecast their cash flow in real time.

> Watch our interview with Agicap at Vivatech

Future of Work

InsideBoard uses artificial intelligence to understand the different levels of employee engagement and foster the right relationship between management and employees around a transformation project.

> Watch our interview with InsideBoard at Vivatech

Industry 4.0

Adaxis has created a software platform that can turn any robot into an operational 3D printer by covering the entire workflow for robotic 3D printing. 

> Watch our interview with Adaxis at Vivatech

Mark One manufactures customizable professional 3D printers.

> Watch our interview with Mark One at Vivatech

Jellybot is a chatbot specifically designed for Industry 4.0, which allows maintenance and production units to interact.

> Watch our interview with Jellybot at Vivatech

Retail, Customer Experience & Marketing 

Augmented Vision offers an app that allows device users to access AR and AI instructions instead of calling hotlines or using paper user guides to seek help.

> Watch our interview with Augmented Vision at Vivatech

Lizee is an e-commerce platform that provides merchants with end-to-end logistics solutions and enables them to manage their circular economy business models.

> Watch our interview with Lizee at Vivatech

Top 10 pictures of the day

Top 10 pictures of the day



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